Gentra was established on 1986. The business started as a distributor of the Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp/USA which is the manifacturer of germicidal ultraviolet fixtures and equipment utilizing germicidal ultraviolet lamps to destroy bacteria, mold and virus in air, water and on surfaces.

Since 1986, Gentra has been offering a broad range of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection solutions and products for municipal, industrial, commerical and residental applications. Our expertise in designing, engineering and manufacturing UV products for,

-Improving product quality
-Food packaging
-Air and surface disinfection
-Room air / air duct sanitation
-Food disinfeciton
-Solutions for Extending Shelf Life of foods and beverages
-Disinfection solutions for Medical Facilities and laboratories
-Bottling applications
-Pharmaceutical Soulitions
-Water and liquid purification
-Waste water disinfection
-Liquid Tank Air Sanitation

offer our clients individually tailored services and solutions to the most complex disinfection problems.

Gentra's food disinfection solutions are effective in reducing mould and bacterial contamination in food production

and storage facilities, enhancing product quality and extending shelf life.

Our disinfection systems are also used in industry, hospitals, laboratories, institutions, offices and schools to provide a

safer and cleaner environment, energy savings and reduced HVAC maintenance costs.

We are commited to produce finest quality product lines. Our ultraviolet application experts and engineers will assist you in choosing the correct equipment for your applicatons.

Our Commitment to Environment

Unlike most chemical disinfectants, ultraviolet disinfection does not produce any toxic byproducts. UV disnfection is also extremely safe as there are no toxic chemicals to transport or store.

There are also no residual produced by the UV disnfection process. This lends well to disinfection in the drinking water, food and air disinfection. Ultraviolet technology is an alternative method for disinfection due to being a "green" technology that helps to preserve the natural environment.

Seeking International Distributors;

Europe and Balkans Region, Middle East, Russia, Middle Asia (Turkic countries), Africa, South America

Gentra Ltd, is currently seeking distributors to market and sell our ultraviolet water and liquid disinfection units , ultraviolet air purifiers , ultraviolet units for medical facilities, ultraviolet food surface disinfection units , germicidal ( bacterium killing ) fixtures,  ultraviolet lamps ,  mold , virus , bacteria  sterilization equipments , water sterilizer products.

- Improved product quality
- Extended product shelf life
- Reduced customer complaints

Our sales team is ready to address any questions you may have regarding your customized needs, our products and special distributor prices.

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