Gentra offers complete package of UV-C decontamination solutions and competetive advantage to the related industries.
Disinfection and Sanitation of Air, Surface, Packaging, Liquid
Extended shelf life for food and beverage products, Improved product quality HACCP compliance
Reducing mould and bacterial contamination in food production, storage facilities, hospitals, laboratories, offices, schools, medical facilities to provide a safer and cleaner environment, energy savings and reduced HVAC maintenance costs.

Portable UV-C surface disinfection unit
Food package disinfection
Air Duct and AHU Disinfection Solutions
Egg Surface Disinfection
Disinfection of Poultry Products
Integrated Solutions for production Lines
Food surface disinfection
Industrial Liquid Tank Air Disinfection
Integrated solutions for food conveyors
Sterilization Solutions for Medical Facilities
Recessed UVC disinfection units
Ultraviolet Water and Liquid Disinfection Units
Food Conveyor UVT® Backside Systems